Group Function Rates

Because each event is customized, there is no one set pricing. Rates vary based on particular needs of the group, group size and special circumstances. See our breakdown below.

Pricing Guidelines

Dinner Parties can expect to pay between $38-$45 per person. Sometimes more if the group is smaller or special menu or facility circumstances are involved. Breakfasts for overnight guests are $15 per person. Lunches vary depending on the group and what facility needs they have and whether or the lunch is part of an overnight package. $25-$35 per person.

Day-Long Retreats with lunch and snacks in the AM and PM are typically around $50-65 per person. We have a $650 minimum daily charge so smaller groups would end up paying more per person.

Rooms range between $120 and $170 per night. Bunks are $60 per person. We try to fill the rooms first before bunk rooms. We sometimes give a break for single occupancy depending on demand for the rooms.

Overnight Groups paying a per person charge instead of individuals paying for their rooms can anticipate spending somewhere around $150-$200 per person per day for overnight and three meals. The costs would vary depending on facility needs, group sizes, meal choices, extra food, special circumstances etc.

Some price breaks on meals and lodging are given to small children.

We typically aim to do full-weekend events as opposed to blocking a weekend for a one-night event.